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What types of envelopes are there?

Jakie są rodzaje kopert?

Adrian Koźlik |

In the era of the "global village", sending all messages, even over long distances, is no longer a problem. In the 21st century, when over 60% of the world's population is online, we are able to reach every corner of the world with our message. It became almost obvious to us. Nevertheless, this was not always the case. Until recently, the only way to contact the world was honest letters. Sent in paper envelopes, they have proven their reliability and universality for centuries. Moreover, even now they remain irreplaceable in many sectors of everyday life. In today's entry, we will try to present the silhouette of envelopes and discuss their types. By reading it, you will learn, among other things, how they will help you run your shipping business, saving you a lot of time. We invite you!

Everything you need to know about envelopes

In today's times marked by the pandemic, if you want to be successful in business, you must also take into account mail order sales. In the face of dynamically changing epidemiological regulations, stationary stores are gradually losing their importance. Moreover, this trend seems to be gaining momentum. As a conscious entrepreneur, you should strive to expand the prospects for your company. It is impossible to imagine its smooth functioning without well-deserved envelopes. Used for many centuries, they still prove their value every day koperta

A slightly newer version that expands the scope of use of this product are bubble envelopes. Made of paper on the outside and covered with bubble wrap on the inside, they become a safe and handy package. These types of envelopes are perfect for shipping small items, such as electronic accessories or jewelry. Their undoubted advantages include the resistance of the package to mechanical damage during transport. From the point of view of both the sender and the recipient, this type of packaging is undoubtedly attractive

Office envelopes are a solution that has lasted for centuries.

Did you know that the history of paper envelopes as we know them dates back to the 2nd century BC? The prototypes of this innovation found in China date back to this period. Their heyday was in the 19th century. Such an extensive history of their use leaves no doubt about their practicality. It proves the universality and timelessness of this solution. The office envelopes in question are also synonymous with simplicity. This is probably a large part of the secret of their global success. The sending of documents and letters is inextricably linked to this means of delivery. They are offered in numerous popular formats

Courier envelopes are an essential addition to every company

Another type of envelopes worth attention are the so-called rebated envelopes. Sticked directly to parcels, their purpose is to protect the consignment note while enabling its reading. This is possible thanks to the transparent foil that is their base material. These types of courier envelopes are a real "must have" for every shipping store. Strong glue guarantees solid attachment to the surface of the foil wrap or cardboard. Placing the documents inside and applying everything to the package takes only a few seconds. For every company that focuses on process optimization, rebates are a must-have gadget.

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