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Christmas decoration ideas 2021

Pomysły na dekoracje świąteczne 2021

Adrian Koźlik |

Christmas is a wonderful time spent with family - a time of rest, joy and gifts. Of course, the unique experience is complemented by one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations that can be found everywhere - on walls, tables, doors, and even on gift boxes! But wait... you want to complement the holiday spirit with decorations and you dream of them being unique? Nothing hard! Get to know our suggestions for handmade decorations - both those that will add the spirit of Christmas to your home and those that will additionally beautify Christmas paper bags.

Check out some ideas for Christmas decorations 2021!

1. Christmas wreath

You can find it on the Christmas table in almost every home - but does everyone make it themselves? All you need are a few twigs, wire to attach them to and decorations! You can use a paper Christmas bag to decorate - after a few moves you can turn it into bows or a chain - it will definitely add charm to your wreath. Satin or jute ribbons will also work well.

wieniec świąteczny wieniec świąteczny

2. Christmas tree from a paper Christmas bag

Don't you want to have a standard Christmas tree like all the others for another year? Make them from a paper gift bag – First, create the core of the tree by rolling the gift paper into a roll; Then, at your discretion, create branches (also from a paper Christmas bag) - attach them with double-sided tape - add decorations and that's it!
Below is a short instructional video :)

3. Flower pot decoration

You don't want to cover the pot with an ordinary bag again? We have a solution! Buy a jute flower pot cover ! This will add character and style to your Christmas tree. You can decorate it with toothpick stars - just arrange them in the right shape, glue them and finally attach them to the bag - it's that simple! Another idea could be to attach a gift stocking to the front of the cover - we can guarantee that it will be a very unique decoration.

osłonka z juty osłonka z juty

4. Colorful Christmas stocking

Are you tired of traditional red socks hanging on the fireplace? Make it according to your own idea - buy large, white socks and clothes dyes - this way you will create unique Christmas socks. Dye them in different patterns and shapes. You can use, for example, ribbons to decorate a handmade work, which will further diversify its appearance and make it unique.

skarpeta jutowa na prezenty jute sock

5. Personalized labels for gift boxes

Every gift - both those wrapped in Christmas paper and in a gift box - will finally find its owner. To do this, the gift must be described to whom it is intended. Make name labels according to your own artistic vision instead of buying ready-made ones! Use anything you can think of for this purpose - it can be a name cut out of paper letter by letter, made using glue and glitter, or even made of ribbon. The only limit to execution is your imagination!

pudełka prezentowe pudełko na prezenty

Isn't it that difficult? In a pleasant, cheap and, above all, quick way, you can use commonly available items to create small works of art that will decorate your home during the holidays. We must also remember that decorations can also please the eye when attached to gift boxes or even paper Christmas bags!

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