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Lake Solina - map of beaches on Solina

Jezioro Solińskie - mapa plaż nad Soliną

Tomasz Woźniak |

Lake Solina is a real pearl of the Bieszczady Mountains, attracting crowds of tourists eager to relax by the water. Located in the heart of the mountainous region, it is a place that offers not only picturesque beaches and bathing areas, but also countless opportunities to spend time actively - from kayaking trips to cruises on cruise ships. But do you know where the best beaches on this enchanting lake are? How to get to the most attractive places and what is worth seeing during your stay? We invite you on a fascinating journey around Lake Solina and its surroundings!


Polańczyk is definitely the largest and most popular tourist center on Lake Solina . A health resort since 1999, it has the most extensive accommodation base, a wide gastronomic offer and two sandy beaches with bathing areas. It is an excellent starting point for local hiking trails, but it is not the best place for a trip to the High Bieszczady Mountains - access to the most frequently visited trails takes about an hour. There are many water equipment and wooden deckchair rentals here - you definitely won't be bored here!


Solina is the second largest and most popular place on Lake Solina . Like Polańczyk, it offers a wide selection of accommodation and numerous attractions. However, it is worth remembering that Solina is divided into two parts - one located in the vicinity of the parking lots and the promenade leading to the dam has no direct access to the lake and beaches , while the other, located on the other side of the dam, has a sandy Solina beach , marinas and ships mooring here excursions.


Wołkowyja is a town with much less tourist traffic than in Polańczyk or Solina. Nevertheless, the commune decided to create an artificial, sandy beach with a swimming area. Near the beach there is also a marina with boats, pedal boats and wooden deckchairs for rent. Wołkowyja is conveniently located for access to the Bieszczady National Park - travel time to the most attractive trails is approximately 40-50 minutes.


Bukowiec is a small holiday village with an offer of agritourism farms, summer houses, guest rooms, as well as a campsite and a camping site. The undeniable advantage of Bukowiec is its location - although it is located near Lake Solina , it is relatively close to the most beautiful parts of the High Bieszczady Mountains (travel time to the most popular starting points is about 40 minutes).


The picturesquely located Zawóz has gained popularity in recent years. This is due to the significant changes that have taken place in this town - many new and interesting accommodation options have been created here, with mobile homes being particularly popular. During the season, there is also a bar on the lake shore, eagerly visited by tourists. Zawóz is a great place for a quiet and peaceful holiday. The travel time from Zawoz to the most popular trails in the Bieszczady National Park is approximately 50 minutes.


Myczkowce is, above all, an excellent starting point for hiking trails. There are over a dozen routes here, with varying degrees of difficulty, leading to interesting places, viewpoints and interesting corners of nature. Right next to the dam in Myczkowce there are information boards presenting all available routes.


Werlas is a small town that can be described as a "deep hole". It is located at the very end of the peninsula, so getting here is almost a miracle. If you are looking for a place where you can completely disconnect from... world, Werlas will be a real paradise for you. There is only a camping site (probably wild) at the very tip of the peninsula.


Olchowiec is a typical Bieszczady hideout. If you are running away from the hustle and bustle of civilization and looking for a place where time passes a little slower, Olchowiec may be the perfect choice. You will find two unguarded, grassy beaches on the lake and several water equipment and deckchair rentals. The travel time from Olchowiec to the most popular trails in the Bieszczady National Park is about 50 minutes.


Chrewt is a tiny town with its own sandy beach and marina. Life here goes on at its own, unhurried rhythm. This place will also be an ideal oasis of peace for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle. The travel time from Chrewt to the most popular trails in the Bieszczady National Park is approximately 50 minutes.

Teleśnica Oszwarowa

Teleśnica Oszwarowa is probably the easternmost town on Lake Solina . There is a camping site, a campsite, a bar, a shop and a marina with the possibility of renting boats, pedal boats and deckchairs . Getting to this place is quite risky, but for lovers of true isolation from the world, Teleśnica Oszwarowa may turn out to be a real paradise.


Lake Solina , located in the heart of the Bieszczady Mountains, offers many picturesque beaches that may resemble the sandy coast of the Baltic Sea. Places such as Polańczyk and Solina offer wide beaches with sandy shores, perfect for swimming and relaxing. The quiet atmosphere and surrounding mountains make it an ideal place to relax and regenerate. Regardless of the chosen town on Lake Solina , everyone will find something for themselves - from active recreation to peaceful, quiet holidays surrounded by nature.

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