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Zakrzówek swimming pool - how to get there? Where to buy tickets? The most important information

Kąpielisko Zakrzówek - jak dojechać? Gdzie kupić bilety? Najważniejsze informacje

Tomasz Woźniak |

As the temperature begins to rise and the sun gets hotter, Krakow's inhabitants and tourists impatiently await the opening of one of the most picturesque and unique attractions of the city - the Zakrzówek swimming pool . After thorough modernization and revitalization, this place has become a real gem on the map of Krakow, attracting crowds of beachgoers looking for refreshment and resting by the turquoise waters. With the new summer season of 2024, Zakrzówek opens its doors, offering a number of amenities and attractions for visitors. In this article, we will discover all the most important information about this charming swimming pool - how to get there, where to buy tickets, what attractions await guests and many other practical tips to fully enjoy your stay at this extraordinary body of water.

Location and access to Zakrzówek

The Zakrzówek swimming pool is located just 3 kilometers from the center of Krakow, in the Dębniki district. Thanks to excellent public transport, getting to this picturesque place is not a problem. You can get there by tram lines 11, 52, 62 or 77, getting off at the Nurymberska stop at Stefana Grota-Roweckiego Street. Alternatively, buses no. 106, 136, 194 or 196 take passengers to the Kobierzyńska stop, located near Norymberska Street. For motorists, there are convenient parking lots near the swimming pool at Norymberska and Wyłom streets.

Opening hours of the swimming pool

The Zakrzówek swimming pool is open to the public six days a week, from June 22 to September 3. Unfortunately, the area is closed on Mondays for cleaning and service work. The swimming pool's opening hours are 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., i.e. during the lifeguards' duty to ensure the safety of bathers. It is worth remembering that, according to the regulations, use of the swimming pool is possible only during these hours.

Tickets and entry limits

Admission to Zakrzówek is completely free. The City Greenery Board does not plan to introduce any fees for using the swimming pool in the near future. However, due to capacity restrictions, an entry limit has been introduced, which is a maximum of 1,000 people at a time. Entrance is through gates that count the number of people entering. Especially on weekends, when the weather is good, you may have to wait to enter.

Attractions and amenities in Zakrzówek

What distinguishes Zakrzówek from other swimming pools in Krakow are, above all, five floating pools of various depths - from 40 cm to as much as 350 cm. This allows both non-swimmers and experienced swimmers to use the bath. In addition to the swimming pools themselves, the swimming area has many other attractions and amenities, such as:

  • climbing walls,
  • table tennis tables,
  • jogging paths,
  • Swings and deckchairs,
  • barbecue area,
  • workout zone,
  • Picnic areas and observation points.

The swimming pool also has toilets, changing rooms and showers, ensuring comfort and convenience for visitors.

Educational attractions - EkoExperimentarium

While walking around Zakrzówek, tourists have the opportunity not only to swim and relax on deckchairs , but also to expand their knowledge about ecology and environmental protection. In the swimming area there is the EcoExperimentarium - an unconventional exhibition devoted to ecological topics. Arranged like an apartment, the exhibition encourages visitors to experiment on their own and discover practical ways to save resources, reduce plastic consumption and effectively manage energy. This is a great opportunity to learn in a pleasant way how to take care of our planet in everyday life.

Restrictions and regulations of the swimming pool

Although Zakrzówek is a public and free place, its use is subject to certain restrictions and rules specified in the regulations. In addition to the above-mentioned entry limit, it is prohibited to bring glassware, smoke and consume alcohol on the premises. Moreover, swimming in the reservoir outside the designated pools is done at your own risk due to the significant depth of the water, up to 20 meters. Of course, swimming in the pools is only allowed during the working hours of the lifeguards. The swimming pool regulations are available on the website of the Municipal Greenery Management Board. The natural surroundings of Zakrzówek

The Zakrzówek swimming pool not only impresses with its infrastructure and amenities, but also impresses with the extraordinary nature surrounding it. The area of ​​the former quarry, which was flooded, has become a habitat for many rare species of plants and animals. Walking around Zakrzówek, you can admire unique flora and fauna, as well as rock cliffs and green slopes. This place is a real paradise for nature lovers, giving them the opportunity to observe and contemplate the charms of nature in the heart of the city bustle.

Infrastructure and investments

Zakrzówek is the result of thorough modernization and revitalization, which cost nearly PLN 44 million. The project was developed by the F11 Design Studio under the supervision of Dr. Hab. engineer arch. Marcin Furtak. The architects made every effort to ensure that all installations and infrastructure of the swimming pool fit harmoniously into the surrounding nature, creating a coherent and aesthetic whole. In addition to swimming pools, paths and piers, Zakrzówek also has running paths, climbing walls and a recreation area with a barbecue and picnic areas.

Safety of bathers

The Zakrzówek swimming pool is guarded by qualified lifeguards who ensure the safety of visitors from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Outside these hours, swimming in the reservoir is at your own risk. It is also worth remembering that two of the five pools are very deep (350 cm) and intended only for experienced swimmers. The remaining pools are from 40 to 120 cm deep, which makes them safe also for people who cannot swim.

Environmental restrictions

Although Zakrzówek is a publicly accessible place, due to its unique natural values, certain restrictions have been introduced to protect this valuable ecosystem. In addition to the ban on bringing in glass and alcohol consumption, dogs are not allowed in the swimming area, nor swimming in kayaks, pontoons or inflatable toys. The swimming pool regulations clearly define what behavior is allowed to ensure harmonious coexistence of people and nature in this charming area.

Further expansion and plans for the future

The city authorities do not stop striving to further expand and make Zakrzówek more attractive. The plans include the creation of new bicycle paths and the expansion of the catering and recreational zone. Perhaps in the future there will also be additional swimming pools or other amenities that will make this place even more attractive to visitors. However, it should be remembered that all investments will be carried out with the greatest care to preserve the natural character and ecological balance of this unique area.


The Zakrzówek swimming pool is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting recreational places in Krakow. After a thorough modernization, this charming place by the turquoise waters has become a real pearl in the crown of the capital of Lesser Poland, attracting crowds of residents and tourists looking for refreshment and relaxation on summer days. Thanks to its rich infrastructure, various attractions and wonderful natural surroundings, Zakrzówek offers unforgettable experiences and countless opportunities to spend free time. It is worth visiting this unique place to fully enjoy the charms of summer in the water and on deckchairs in Krakow.

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