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Company logo, does the choice of color matter? We give you a hint

Logo firmy, czy dobór koloru ma znaczenie? Podpowiadamy

Adrian Koźlik |

When creating a company logo design, every entrepreneur wonders what color to choose. Often the idea is a favorite color, a fashionable color, and this is not always a good solution. It is worth first knowing the meaning of colors and how customers feel about them. Color psychology is based on associations, traditions and messages rooted in each of us. All this to ensure that the logo is well received and has good associations. The logo is the brand symbol that customers will encounter first. We must also remember that the colors with the logo will be used in other advertising tools of the company, such as the interior design of the office, stores, and employees' clothing. It is important that everything is consistent.

The meaning of individual colors

The most common logo colors are: red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple. Before you start choosing the colors of your logo, it is worth familiarizing yourself with their characteristics.

meaning of colors


It symbolizes joy, warmth, sun, weather, optimism, and is associated with happiness and well-being. The juiciness of this color is associated with food, so it is often chosen by restaurants. Children also respond well to its color, which is why the logo on products intended for children is often in this color. It is worth remembering that yellow is used for warning signs, which may draw attention in an unfavorable way. It is not intended for every industry.


It is a positive, energetic, bright, warm and cheerful color. Associated with certainty, striving for goals, happiness, trust, warning. Creates a cozy atmosphere. It is chosen by industries associated with fun, professionalism, solid quality, for young, active and dynamic customers. In companies that emphasize momentum, momentum, intellect, joy and action.


The most energetic color in the entire color wheel. It is the most visible, so it is impossible to miss it, and it reaches us strongly and stimulates us. It attracts attention and carries a strong message. It is the color of fire, energy, dynamics, love, passion, expressiveness, strength, stimulation. It evokes extreme emotions, starting with love and passion, ending with fear and aggression. In logo design, everything red will come to the front and will be very noticeable and will force you to make a quick decision. Used in gastronomy, automotive, entertainment and sports. Often combined with other colors as an addition.


The most popular color, favorite of many people. It indicates calmness, maturity, honesty, intelligence, common sense, professionalism, modernity. It evokes positive associations and trust. Therefore, it is often used by government institutions, banks, offices and the largest corporations. It reflects the color of the water and sky, so it calms you down, helps with concentration, and is associated with sterility. You will also see it in the logos of industries related to medicine, dentists, and medical offices. You must remember that the color blue is not eye-catching, so when choosing it for your logo, you must stand out and create an interesting and distinctive pattern.


It is the color of stability, wisdom, elegance and freedom, just like blue, it is often used by state institutions and serious companies.


A color associated with elegance, spirituality, luxury, creativity and fantasy. It means higher quality, wealth, power and strength. It symbolizes success, wisdom and self-confidence. It inspires respect for the brand. It is used by brands that want to emphasize their creativity. You can see it in the logos of IT, technology, financial and event companies. Sometimes considered a symbol of extravagance and vanity


Green is the color of freshness, nature, nature, ecology, vegetation. It will be used by companies dealing with flowers, plants, and, of course, ecology and environmental protection. It is very universal, many brands will use it, associating it with peace, hope, trust and security. When designing a logo, the color green will be used mainly for the food, ecological, cosmetic and medical industries. Greenery is perceived by customers as gentle, nice and safe.


Of course, a symbol of elegance, luxury, modernity, attachment to tradition, sometimes also perceived as mystery and seriousness. Chosen by prestigious companies associated with good quality. Most often fashion, jewelry and technology brands.


A universal color symbolizing purity, innocence, peace and simplicity. It can be neutral, inspire trust, and will always be perceived positively. Typically used as a background or addition, a white company logo will require a background or backing.


A color associated with femininity, girlishness, delicacy and charm. Companies using the color red usually deal with products dedicated to women and girls. Brands producing toys, sweets, cosmetics. But also the wedding, beauty and fashion industries.


In large quantities it has a depressant effect. It is a neutral, boring and rather expressionless color. A company with a gray logo focuses on practicality, respect, authority, maturity and stability. It is chosen by brands with long traditions, often the automotive industry.

Cultural context

The symbolism of colors applies to the whole world. It is often completely different in Europe than in China or Japan. For example, in Europe the mourning color is black, while in China it is a symbol of happiness. It is important to remember that no color has the same reception all over the world. We must ensure that the colors of our logo reach the appropriate target group. So decisions cannot be hasty, they should be carefully considered, especially when introducing a brand to the international market.

Color combination

It is recommended to use a maximum of three colors to create the logo. It is worth paying attention to color theory, i.e. guidelines for selecting appropriate colors. Color combinations will help in perfect color matching, and the logo will be visually attractive.

MONOCHROME COMBINATIONS - They consist of one color in various shades. Black or white is added to the base shade to obtain three complementary colors.

ANALOGICAL COMBINATIONS - This is a combination of colors located directly next to each other on the color wheel.

COMPLEMENTARY COMBINATIONS - Complementary colors located on opposite sides of the color wheel.

TRIADS - Three colors evenly distributed on the color wheel. For example, three primary colors, or three secondary colors.

TETRADS - These are four colors placed at equal intervals on the color wheel. You can use two pairs of colors that are complementary or opposite on the color wheel.

The perfect logo

Our everyday life is saturated with various colors. Please pay attention to the choice of our logo and graphic materials. They evoke positive but also negative emotions in us. Therefore, when designing, you should pay attention to color psychology. This is a multi-step task. Starting with getting to know the company, its values ​​and customer expectations. If you can't make a decision or choose the right color, contact an advertising agency for help. The logo is of great importance when later used to promote the brand, including when choosing the appropriate advertising gadget .

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