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How to safely pack and ship glass products? Proven methods!

Jak bezpiecznie zapakować i wysłać produkty szklane? Sprawdzone sposoby!

Adrian Koźlik |

The main problem with glass products is that they need to be packed very well so that they do not get damaged. Not every carrier is able to guarantee that our parcel will arrive intact. Many factors can influence this. Even if the courier is very careful. This is also often the reason why courier companies refrain from transporting glass items. They simply prefer not to take responsibility when something happens. Sometimes, however, when the carrier decides to take such a parcel, it includes in its regulations that it is not responsible for its destruction. So what to do when we have no other option than shipping? You need to take care of the appropriate packaging.

Shipping glass bottles or alcohol

When you want to give a gift to a person, it is sometimes not easy to choose the right thing for him. It all depends on the preferences of the birthday person. So what to do when we don't quite know what to give? The best way is to buy your favorite drink. Good whisky, wine or even vodka will be the perfect choice. It will work both as an addition and as the main thing for the birthday boy. However, sometimes we cannot get there to give a gift in person. We then decide to ship it, choosing the right packaging for alcohol is not easy. So what should you do to be one hundred percent sure that the shipment will not be damaged during transport? For this you need to buy bubble wrap. A bottle wrapped thickly enough will certainly not be damaged. wysyłka produktów szklanych

An equally good method of protection is a plastic cushion filled with air, the shape of which fits perfectly into the bottle. It has a closed top, which prevents the contents from falling out. However, with this method we will only pack the bottle safely. It still has to look beautiful. A wooden box can come to our aid. It looks great with the bottle lined with straw, which additionally protects the alcohol against damage. There are many colors, engraving patterns and wood from which the boxes are made on the market. Some people may think that alcohol is a trite gift idea. Thanks to the wooden box, it will become truly unique! After drinking the contents, the box can be easily placed in many places around the house and used again!

Packaging containing other glass items

It is best to use cardboard to protect other items. It is important, however, that it does not have any damage such as tears, holes or spills. This increases the risk of content damage. It is also a bad idea to use used or worn-out packaging. Additionally, you need to approximately estimate the weight to select the appropriate cardboard thickness. If we do not do this, it may tear and the contents of the package will be destroyed. It should also be stiff and have several internal layers, thanks to which it will not be so susceptible to damage. Another thing that will help us protect the contents is filling the box. When we properly fill the empty spaces between the box and the item we are sending, we will increase the security of its shipment. If you want to learn how to fill a package for shipping, please refer to the entry related to this issue.

These include airbags, bubble wrap, foam and cut cardboard remnants. All these things are cheap but very good filling. Especially cut up cardboard pieces. However, when we have damaged or used cardboard boxes that are of no use to us in any way, it is worth giving them a second life. Just cut them into strips by hand or use a machine. Thanks to it, we will save a lot of time and work!

Appropriate marking

When sending glass products , we know well what is inside the package. The courier, however, not necessarily. On the way, it passes through many sorting offices, couriers, etc. For a few zlotys you can buy tape or stickers with the sign "Be careful glass". This information will be useful to couriers. They will know not to throw the package. Please remember, however, that appropriate marking does not exempt us from securing the shipment in an appropriate manner. Most sorting centers are automatic sorters that do not read the contents of the shipment and treat each parcel the same. The last thing we need to do to secure our shipment is to tape it. It minimizes the risk of opening the shipment and therefore damaging the goods. It is worth choosing the one with as much glue as possible, because we will be sure that the package will not be opened easily.

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