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Packaging in the e-commerce industry - which one to choose? Overview of the most popular solutions

Opakowania w branży e-commerce- jakie wybrać? Przegląd najpopularniejszych rozwiązań

Adrian Koźlik |

Tom Fishburne once said that "The best marketing doesn't show that it's marketing" and he's absolutely right, the best-selling products have unobtrusive, and sometimes even almost imperceptible, marketing methods. They work unnoticed, bringing unimaginable effects.

To illustrate this better, imagine that you are watching YouTube after a hard day of work, thinking about your favorite songs and episodes of your favorite creator, and suddenly an ad appears that you have to watch to continue relaxing with your song. What feeling do you get about the advertised product? Maybe you don't care about it at first, but over time, when the situation starts to repeat itself, you lose any desire to buy a given item. That's why it's so important to take care of the subtlety of your marketing.

Packaging in the e-commerce industry - a recipe for subtle marketing

packaging in e-commerce The simplest and very effective way is to use packaging.

Many companies do not use the potential of this element when shipping a product. That's why you may notice that most shipping boxes come to you in a solid color or the interior is filled with product and protective foams. It is difficult to talk about marketing in such a situation, because the packaging is nothing special and does not stay in memory. The packaging has two surfaces that you can use for subtle marketing. The outer part of the packaging - This is the first thing your customer sees after receiving the package, so it is important to make a good impression, which will certainly influence the subsequent evaluation of the product.

When you have a small budget, you can use personalized stickers for boxes or decorative tapes with your logo. If you intend to allocate more capital from your marketing budget to packaging , you can use personalized options. Colorful, eye-catching packages or foil wraps with a logo will surely appeal to your recipients and make them remember them for a long time, and maybe even use them as decorations for their apartments.

The inner part of the packaging - This is the interior into which you invite the customer. It is worth taking care of the arrangement of the product. Instead of protective foams that do nothing but provide safety, use ecological solutions that will work in every case. Use old paper bags or colorful tissue paper left over from your project and breathe life into your packaging . You can also personalize its interior by creating graphics or placing texts that will make your customer feel special.

Packaging and its function

An important aspect is the selection of the appropriate form of packaging . Think about what and where you would like to transport. If it is, for example, a scarf - choose foil envelopes because they will protect the product against getting wet or dirty. However, if it is a delicate product, choose bubble envelopes that will protect it against breakage and scratches.

A personalized cardboard box will give you the freedom to add a small gift to the product or a unique thank you card for the purchase, which your customer will surely appreciate. Create a dedicated box with holes perfectly suited for your product and don't worry about it during transport. It is also worth making sure that the packaging can be recycled. Choose packaging that will care for our planet, but will not be less durable.

The most popular packaging used in e-commerce

  • 1. Shaped cardboard, also known as die-cut cardboard. These are cardboard boxes that can be closed without the need to use adhesive tape. They are very popular in the clothing, household appliances and cosmetics industries. When closed, it resembles an elegant box that opens upwards.
  • 2. Courier foil packs are an ideal solution, due to their lightness, their advantage is low shipping costs. They are also very tight and made of 100% recycled foil. Available in various sizes and color variants.
  • 3. Five-layer cardboard boxes are perfect for particularly delicate items. Due to the additional layers of cardboard, the box is resistant to any damage and creases.

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