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How to decorate a Christmas gift? Get to know interesting offers

Jak udekorować prezent świąteczny? Poznaj ciekawe propozycje

Adrian Koźlik |

Christmas gift tags are an essential element when wrapping gifts. They have an informative function and allow you to find out which gift is intended for whom. Additionally, they are designed in an appropriate style winietki świąteczne gift decoration.

Initially in the bag of St. Nicholas, none of the gifts had a Christmas gift tag , which caused a lot of confusion, so they started signing the gifts. This ensured order and we still sign gifts to this day. Using a gift card additionally distinguishes the person to whom the gift is addressed. This gift is especially for her because it has her name on it.

Christmas gift cards - how to choose?

Virtual resources allow you to find the perfect gift box in the right style. Choose a shape, color and even graphics. The more original the idea, the better it is to use thicker cardboard with a Christmas pattern. When choosing graphics, it is important to designate a place dedicated to the name so that the recipient of the gift can easily read what is written on the gift card .

You can find many free patterns on the Internet that you can download and print. You can also make them yourself!

  • Cardboard gloves and hats

Cut out the shapes of gloves and hats from old boxes, then decorate them with a white marker, and finally write the name of the person who will receive the gift.

  • Notes

Use old sheet music to cut out interesting shapes of gift cards and use string to tie them to the gift.

  • Peanut reindeer

Use peanut shells to create reindeer on your gift cards , stick a peanut on a pad of paper and draw its eyes, nose, ears and horns.

  • Button snowman

Use white buttons to create a snowman. Glue them on cardboard, then cut out a cylinder and draw eyes and a carrot nose.

  • Lace baubles

Cut out circles from cardboard, then glue the lace onto the bauble. Don't forget to put your name on the back. However, when you are pressed for time, choose proven gift cards found on professional websites.

Gift card and gift. How to match them together? bileciki na prezenty

Even the most beautiful gift card if it is poorly matched to the gift will not look good. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the card matches the external appearance of the gift. It is worth first considering the style in which we want to wrap gifts this year, then decide what colors will harmonize with each other.

Use the analogous method of combining the main color with two adjacent colors on the color wheel, or use the complementary method and choose colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. It's time for the graphics, make sure that they are also matched, e.g. the gift box has drawings of reindeer on it, so your gift cards should also have a light accent that includes reindeer. Place your gift tag behind the ribbon or tie it to the gift. When choosing a font or writing out names yourself, make sure they are written legibly and neatly. Take care of the visual appearance of your gift with gift cards.

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