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A bag with a print and various possibilities of using it

Torba z nadrukiem i różne możliwości zastosowania jej

Adrian Koźlik |

A bag with a print and various possibilities of using it

The most common and quite obvious way to use advertising bags in a marketing campaign is to use them for their intended purpose - to package products. Customers very often purchase printed promotional bags with the intention of packing gifts and gift gadgets for customers to hand out during trade fairs. It is worth noting that ecological paper bags have a decisive advantage over plastic bags in this case, not only because they are an eco-gadget, but primarily because of their aesthetics. A trade fair stand, which is, incidentally, the company's showcase, looks much better if the exhibition displays aesthetic and evenly arranged printed paper bags. The plastic bag does not meet this condition in any way, it does not allow for aesthetic display. Due to the fact that it is made of a stiff material such as paper, the paper bag with a print stands elegantly on a fair or shop display.

Cotton bag with print - a fashionable and durable carrier

Torba bawełniana z nadrukiem

It often happens that customers are looking for a unique bag that will be used by hostesses to carry other gadgets or leaflets, which then go directly from the hostess to the customer. However, it cannot be an ordinary type of bag. It is best for it to be a gadget that is eye-catching, durable and aesthetic. Receiving even the most luxurious and valuable product from a hostess straight from a cheap, unattractive plastic bag will make the customer remember us negatively. A fabric bag with a print will work best as an aesthetic, original and durable ecological gadget. Since such bags can be made at the manufacturer's with a minimum order of 100 pieces, most companies can successfully afford to purchase such a gadget, even with a small budget for marketing purposes.

Eco-free cotton bag with print.

Consumers love getting freebies. No wonder, each of us loves gifts. However, it is worth carefully considering what gift we want to give to our potential or current customer. If it is a company that we really want to acquire or a client that we want to thank for long-term cooperation, we have to really put in the effort. Currently, all kinds of gadgets from the eco category are on top. As an eco-free gift, a cotton bag with a print with your company's logo will be perfect. This is an extremely practical gadget because thanks to a fabric bag with a print, we can make significant savings in our home. budget by using them when shopping, thus giving up expensive, unsightly and non-ecological plastic bags. By using a personalized eco bag in our marketing activities and tailored to the nature of our business, and giving it as a gift to our client - current or potential - we build a positive image of our company as a brand focused on caring for the natural environment, i.e. a socially responsible business.

Long-term advertising campaign using ecological bags

Promotional bags with prints made of natural materials such as cotton or paper are reusable. Research shows that they serve consumers several times longer than ordinary disposable ones. Cotton bags can be used up to several hundred times. By investing in a reusable bag with a print, we actually pay once for an item that will be a multiple advertisement for our brand. It is worth making a one-time expenditure on a good quality product, which will be the showcase of our company for a long time and will also please the customer.

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