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A fabric bag with a print as a perfect product in BTL marketing

Materiałowa torba z nadrukiem jako doskonały produkt w marketingu BTL

Adrian Koźlik |

torba materiałowa Finding the perfect advertising gadget is difficult. The preferences of the target group to which we direct our services or products are changing. The target group itself is also changing - it is evolving, new applications for a given product appear, crowd psychology generates an ever greater desire to have a specific item. So how can you find the perfect BTL gadget that will not be boring, will be popular among many groups and, above all, will be used for a long time? There is such an item - it is a advertising bag with a print.

Advertising bag with print - many models, hundreds of uses

Traditional advertising bags have a classic format and are most often 38x42 cm in size. This type of fabric bag can successfully accommodate, among others: a laptop, books, magazines, small purchases, children's toys, school supplies, shoes, school clothes, etc. A bag of this type usually has a long handle, so you can successfully carry it on your shoulder, not occupying the hand. The mentioned features of a fabric bag are actually its main advantages. Thanks to the wide range of applications, there is also a wide range of people who use ecological bags - teachers, students, working people, shoppers, etc.

Personalization of eco-bags

Each of us loves to wear matching clothing items. We love personalizing our products. Currently, technology gives us this opportunity, thanks to which every manufacturer wanting to advertise their brand and attract customers may be tempted to offer them bags with a print. By choosing an interesting inscription, graphic or motif and placing it on the bag along with your own logo, we actually create a personalized advertising gadget that will accompany our customers for a long time. Thus, we can be sure that our logo will be visible every time someone uses a fabric bag with our print. It does not matter whether the bag will be used by a student to change shoes or whether someone will use it to pack shopping or books at university.

The use of printed bags in BTL marketing torba materiałowa z nadrukiem

In BTL activities, a promotional bag can be used in several ways. It may simply be an advertising gadget given to the consumer as a free gift for advertising purposes, or it may be an addition in the form of packaging to the actual product - for example, we can add a free bag with the publisher's logo to the buyer of a book, or a bag with the manufacturer's logo to the buyer of a laptop. The possibilities of using a bag with a print as an advertising gadget are very wide, the price is not excessive, which is why advertising bags are very willingly used by marketers in marketing and advertising activities.

Possibilities of using printed bags in marketing activities

Attracting consumers' attention is becoming more and more difficult, we are bombarded with visual content, messages and information from everywhere. Making a person stay longer on our message and listen to what we would like to convey is now becoming a huge challenge. For this reason, people responsible for advertising activities and company image campaigns are constantly looking for ideal solutions that help attract the consumer's attention. One such solution is the use of printed bags in an advertising campaign. There are many possibilities, and some used by people responsible for marketing are truly unusual.

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