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Valentine's Day in 3..2..1!

Walentynki za 3..2..1!

Adrian Koźlik |

Like every year at this time, the Valentine's Day madness begins. Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14, is one of the most popular days of the year. It's a holiday for all lovers. Small gifts, nice gestures and a special atmosphere distinguish this day from others. As it turns out, however, Valentine's Day, in addition to its crowd of supporters, also has a large group of opponents. Many people consider this day to be a marketing gimmick and an excuse to make money. In their opinion, love and kindness towards a loved one should be shown all year round. You love people all year round, not just on February 14. There is a lot of truth in this, many companies make money on Valentine's Day. However, this holiday has a longer history that deserves some attention.

Where did Valentine's Day come from?

Valentine's Day is believed to have its origins in ancient Christian and Roman traditions. In ancient times, a festival called Lupercalia was celebrated. It was fertility day, celebrated on February 15. It was only the arrival of Christianity to Europe that changed Lupercalia into a Christian holiday, namely Saint Valentine's Day. He was a bishop, a Roman martyr, who conducted secret marriage ceremonies for soldiers. During the reign of Claudius II, there was a ban on marriage for young men. Their goal was to focus completely on the fight. Bishop Walenty could not watch the lovers' despair, so he decided to do it against the law. Unfortunately, his activities quickly came to light and the bishop was executed. The exact date of his death is February 14, 270. Due to his activities, the bishop became the patron saint of Lovers' Day. The date is not accidental, it is the day of Saint Valentine's death

What gift should you choose for Valentine's Day?

Giving gifts began in the 17th century in England. It was only in the 1990s that this custom reached Poland. As it turns out, choosing a gift for this occasion is not so easy. What to give your loved one for Valentine's Day? To please your loved one, just give a symbolic gift. It should be something that will remind you of the person from whom you received it. A great idea in this situation is a mug with a dedication, a love quote or a simple declaration "I love you". A practical gift will remind you every day of the feelings of the person who gave it to you. Our offer also includes mugs for couples! This is a total hit when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts! A cotton bag with a quote, funny text or Valentine's Day graphics will also be a very good idea. A T-shirt with a print will also be a perfect gift. A specially selected graphic, inscription or photo printed on a T-shirt will surely surprise your other half! Or maybe a pillow for a duvet thief and a snoring guy? Give gifts not only to the other person! That's why we have prepared special sets for you! Our offer includes, among others, mugs and pillows for couples. An economical solution will be to purchase gift sets. An example set includes: a Valentine's Day mug, pillow and cotton bag - at a great price!

There are many ideas! Remember that it's all about memory and gesture! If you don't have an idea for a Valentine's Day gift for a loved one, visit our website! You will definitely choose something!

Prezent na walentynki

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Some interesting facts about Valentine's Day:

• The custom of sending love cards was started by the British.
• What about people who have no one to celebrate with? Singles celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day on February 14.
• In the United States alone, 200 million roses are sold on Valentine's Day each year!
• In the Czech Republic, Valentine's Day is celebrated twice a year! February 14 and May 1.
• In Japan, women give gifts to men.
• Valentine's Day was mentioned by William Shakespeare in "Hamlet".
• The most expensive gift ever given on Valentine's Day? It was a gift from the billionaire Aristotle Onassis to Maria Callas, an opera singer. The rich man gave her a love card made of gold. It was decorated with diamonds, sapphires and brilliants. The gift was wrapped in mink fur

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