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What to take with you to the beach? Beach essentials

Co zabrać ze sobą na plażę? Plażowy niezbędnik

Tomasz Woźniak |

Summer is the time of year we all look forward to. Finally, we can enjoy the sun, warmth and blissful relaxation on the sea or lake shore. However, for this time to be truly successful, we must prepare for it properly. After all, nothing spoils the holiday atmosphere like forgotten or non-functional beach accessories .

Therefore, before heading to the beach, it is worth considering carefully what to take with you. Whether it's a short trip to the seaside or we plan to spend the whole day in the sun - our beach essentials should be comprehensive and tailored to our needs . From adequate protection against UV rays, through a comfortable place to relax, to practical solutions that will make our time by the water more efficient - all this must be included in our holiday bag.

Headgear - essential protection against the sun

One of the key elements of our beach equipment should be appropriate headgear . The sun at the seaside or lake can be really intense, and its harmful effects on our skin and eyes cannot be disputed. Therefore, let's make sure that our head is properly protected.

The best choice will be light, airy hats or baseball caps. Let's avoid dark colors that absorb heat and choose light shades that will reflect sunlight. A well-chosen headgear will not only protect us against overheating, but will also ensure comfort during a whole day at the beach.

Let us also remember that a headgear is not only functional, but also an element of our beach styling. Therefore, it is worth choosing models that will not only fulfill their protective role, but also add charm and style. A rich market offer allows us to freely create our holiday image.

Sunglasses - comfort and safety

Another essential element of our beach equipment should be sunglasses . The intense sun over the water can strain our eyesight, and long-term exposure to it may have negative health consequences. Therefore, it is worth investing in high-quality glasses that will not only complement our appearance in a stylish way, but above all provide effective protection for our eyes.

When choosing glasses, pay attention to the UV absorption coefficient. The higher it is, the better the protection. It is also worth considering polarized glasses, which will minimize the effect of blinding reflection from the water surface. Thanks to this, we will be able to fully enjoy the views without endangering our eyesight.

Sunglasses are not only practical, but also a fashionable accessory on the beach. Properly selected frames can become an attractive element of our beach styling, emphasizing our individual style and sense of aesthetics.

Cream with a UV filter - the key to safe sunbathing

One of the most important elements of our beach equipment should be a cream with a UV filter . Long-term exposure to sunlight can have serious consequences for our health, such as sunburn, premature skin aging and even the development of skin cancer. That's why UV protection is crucial, especially for sensitive skin.

When choosing a sunscreen, pay attention to its SPF factor - the higher it is, the better the protection. For safe sunbathing on the beach, a minimum of SPF 30 is recommended, and in the case of children or particularly vulnerable people, even SPF 50. Let's also remember to apply the cream regularly, especially after swimming in water.

Cream with a UV filter is not only a guarantee of safety, but also a way to maintain the young and healthy appearance of our skin. Regular use of this product will help us avoid the negative effects of excessive sun exposure, such as discoloration or loss of elasticity.

Beach bag - a practical solution for the beach

Another essential element of our beach set should be a roomy and functional beach bag . This is where we will be able to store all the necessary accessories, from towels to snacks and drinks. The beach bag should be made of an easy-to-clean material, preferably waterproof, to protect our belongings from moisture.

Many models of beach bags also have practical pockets and compartments that will allow us to keep our beach items organized. It is worth paying attention to those with comfortable handles or adjustable straps so that you can easily carry it on your shoulder or in your hand.

A beach bag is not only a functional solution, but also an element of our holiday styling. There are a number of visually attractive models on the market that will add charm to our beach look. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth considering not only practicality, but also aesthetics.

Foldable deckchair - comfort and convenience on the beach

A lightweight and foldable deckchair may be an extremely useful element of our beach set. It will provide us with a comfortable place to relax, sunbathe or read, without having to spread a blanket or mat on the hot sand.

When choosing a lounger, pay attention to its construction. It should be made of durable and light materials so that it can be easily carried and folded. Many models also have practical handles or straps that facilitate transport.

A foldable deckchair is also a great option for people who value mobility on the beach. Unlike traditional, heavy deckchairs, these light and compact models will allow us to move freely on the beach, change location or move to the shade.

Let us also remember that a deckchair is not only functional, but also an element of our beach styling. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth paying attention to the design to match it to our individual taste and the rest of the holiday equipment.

Umbrella or beach tent - shade and protection

Another important element of our beach equipment should be an umbrella or a beach tent. They will provide valuable shade that will protect us from direct sunlight, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

A beach umbrella is a great solution when we want to enjoy the sun, but also need a moment of respite in the shade. Its foldable design allows us to easily place it anywhere on the beach, creating our own relaxation zone.

In turn, a beach tent is an excellent option if you plan to spend the whole day on the beach, especially with children. Its solid construction and protective materials will provide us and our children with shelter from the sun, wind and possible precipitation. Many tent models also have additional functions, such as mosquito nets, which makes them even more practical.

Both the umbrella and the beach tent are not only functional solutions, but also an element of our beach arrangement. They are available in a variety of patterns and colors, allowing us to match them to our individual style.

Beach towel - an essential element of relaxation

Regardless of whether we are going for a short trip to the water or planning to spend the whole day on the beach, a beach towel should be an inseparable element of our equipment. It will provide us with a comfortable place to relax, sunbathe or dry off after a bath.

When choosing a beach towel, it is worth paying attention to its size and material. Large, absorbent towels made of microfiber will be a perfect solution - they dry quickly, do not absorb sand and take up little space in our bag.

A beach towel is not only a practical, but also a decorative element of our holiday equipment. The market offers a wide selection of models in various patterns and colors, allowing us to match them to our individual style.

Beach mat or blanket - a comfortable place to relax

To ensure even greater comfort on the beach, consider taking a beach mat or blanket with you. They will be an ideal base for sitting, lying down or spreading our towels.

A beach mat is a great solution when you want to have a clean and comfortable place to relax. Many models have a thermal insulation layer that protects us against heated sand or stones. Additionally, the mat is lightweight and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for the beach.

In turn, a beach blanket is an excellent option when we plan to spend a longer time on the beach, e.g. on a picnic or with friends. Its larger size will allow us to comfortably accommodate the entire group, and the soft, pleasant-to-touch fabric will ensure comfortable rest.

Both the mat and the beach blanket are not only functional, but also decorative elements of our holiday equipment. They are available in many attractive patterns and colors, so we can match them to our individual style.

Snacks and drinks - make sure you are properly hydrated

Long hours spent on the beach in the sun can quickly exhaust our strength. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that we have adequate snacks and drinks that will help us replenish lost fluids and energy.

The best choice will be light snacks that are easy to transport and store, such as fruit, vegetables or dried snacks. It is also worth taking sandwiches or salads with you, which will provide us with a nutritious meal. However, remember to choose products that will not deteriorate quickly at high temperatures.

Proper hydration is as important as food. Therefore, in addition to snacks, do not forget about a bottle of water or a thermos with a cold drink. Thanks to this, we will be able to replenish fluids regularly, avoiding dehydration.

To keep our snacks and drinks fresh, it is also worth buying a light, insulating bag or a tourist fridge. This will allow us to maintain the appropriate temperature of our products, even on hot days.

Accessories for children - safe fun in the water

If we are going to the beach with children, we must remember to take special accessories that will ensure safe and comfortable fun for them. First of all, it is worth buying inflatable rings, sleeves or life jackets that will protect our children while bathing.

In addition, it is also worth taking sand toys, such as buckets, molds or shovels. Thanks to them, our children will be able to fully enjoy creating sand buildings and discovering the beach.

Let's also remember about hats, creams with a UV filter and other protective measures that will protect our children's delicate skin against the harmful effects of sunlight.

Thanks to the right beach accessories, our children will be able to spend time safely and carefree by the water, and we will gain peace of mind knowing that they are properly cared for.

First aid kit - preparation for unforeseen situations

Although we want our beach holiday to be without any surprises, it is worth being prepared for possible minor injuries or ailments. That's why our beach equipment must include a first aid kit.

It should contain basic dressings, such as bandages, plasters, disinfectants, and painkillers and anti-allergic drugs. It is also worth stocking up on sunburn cream and wet wipes, which may be useful in case of minor scratches or bites.

A well-equipped first aid kit guarantees that in the event of unforeseen situations, we will be able to provide quick and effective help. Thanks to it, our beach rest will not only be pleasant, but also completely safe.

Insect repellents - protection against annoying insects

Although we dream of blissful relaxation during long hours spent on the beach, our idyll may be disturbed by annoying insects such as mosquitoes or midges. Therefore, our beach equipment must include effective means to deter these uninvited companions.

Sprays, creams or gels containing insect repellents are necessary accessories, especially in the afternoon and evening, when insect activity increases significantly. Thanks to them, we will be able to enjoy a peaceful rest, without the risk of unpleasant bites.

When choosing repellents, it is worth paying attention to their composition and effectiveness. Preparations containing proven active substances, such as DEET or icaridin, will provide us with the best protection against insects. It is also worth considering environmentally and skin-friendly options, e.g. those based on vegetable oils.

Thanks to the regular use of insect repellents, we will be able to fully relax on the beach without worrying about unpleasant bites and irritations. This is a small but extremely important element of our beach equipment.

Additional accessories - to diversify your beach relaxation

Although the basic elements of our beach equipment are crucial to ensure comfort and safety, it is also worth considering taking a few additional accessories with you that can diversify your relaxation.

One of such elements may be a speaker or music player. It will allow us to create the right holiday atmosphere, accompanying us while sunbathing, reading or simply relaxing in silence.

For lovers of active recreation, beach balls, badminton nets and frisbee are great choices. Thanks to them, we will be able to diversify our stay on the beach by engaging in various types of games and fun.

Let's also not forget about books, magazines or e-readers that will help us spend time pleasantly when we want to take a break from the sun and physical activity.

Although these additional accessories are not necessary, they can significantly diversify our beach relaxation, adding even more joy and positive energy.

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