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Zielony jest dobry

Adrian Koźlik |


The ubiquitous eco trends force (or perhaps encourage) consumers to make conscious choices that have a positive impact on the natural environment. More and more people pay attention to the products they buy and the packaging and materials they are made of. The number of consumers who want to support ecological processes is also constantly growing, choosing reusable packaging, using reusable bags, giving up plastic straws, ordering takeaway coffee in their own thermal mug and taking other such actions to make life better for us and the next generations.

It is easy to conclude that currently the greatest demand is for gadgets that follow ecological trends. You don't know what such a gadget could be? Of course, an ecological bag! Eco bags are a great advertising medium, and because they are used many times, they will be long-term advertising. Gadgets and promotional gifts that we give to our customers must be, above all, functional. Without this basic feature, customers will not want to use our gadget and will most likely simply throw it into the trash. The ecological advertising bag is extremely functional. It is small in size, so the customer can pack it in a purse or car and use it whenever shopping, thus giving up plastic bags.

An eco bag with a print is an advertisement for a long time

When choosing an advertising gadget, we try to ensure that it is an advertisement that will reach the customer for as long as possible. At Allbag, we produce ecological, paper and fabric advertising bags. We offer our customers the opportunity to sew their own eco bag in any size, color and weight, starting from 100 pieces. We also make prints on the bags, so we can mark them, for example, with a brand logo. A fashionable eco gadget with a company print will certainly appeal to even the most demanding customers, and thanks to its usefulness, you can be sure that it will be used for a long time.

Fashionable duty Zielony jest dobry

Due to the European Union directive, from 2019, supermarkets and stores are obliged to charge a recycling fee for the sale of plastic bags below 50 microns. The ideal alternative for the consumer is to buy an ecological bag. Thanks to this one-off expense, he will be able to save on paid plastic bags. By introducing ecological bags into their circulation, supermarkets can avoid the need to charge a recycling fee and thus attract customers with the image of running a responsible, eco-oriented business. At Allbag, we are able to fulfill orders for ecological bags for both large food chains and individual customers. A rich assortment and a wide range of machinery allow us to meet the requirements of every customer.

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