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How to design a garden in front of your house? Ideas and inspirations

Jak zaprojektować ogród przed domem? Pomysły i inspiracje

Tomasz Woźniak |

Have you ever wondered how to turn the space in front of the entrance to your house into real vestibules to your private oasis of peace? The garden in front of the house is not only a showcase of your property, but also a place that sets the tone for the entire surroundings. Therefore, it is worth taking a moment to think about its arrangement and create something truly unique. In this article, we will describe 6 inspiring ideas that will help you design a garden in front of your house that will delight both you and your guests. From modern, minimalist concepts to idyllic, rural arrangements - you will find something for yourself here, regardless of the size and style of your property. Get ready for a real journey through garden trends and discover how easily you can create real vestibules for your home.

Garden in a modern style

If your home has modern, minimalist architecture, the garden in front of the entrance can be the perfect complement to this aesthetic. Choose simple, geometric forms, a carefully trimmed lawn and elegant, linear paths. Choose plants with a compact silhouette, such as junipers, box trees or ornamental grasses. Avoid excessive diversity - choose repeating motifs that will create a harmonious, coherent composition.

Don't forget about modern garden furniture that will add elegance to your space. A wooden garden deckchair or designer pouffes can become comfortable places to relax. Complete the arrangement with a high-class umbrella that will provide shade on hot days.

Garden with stone accents

If you dream of a garden that requires minimal care, choose stone solutions. Paths made of slabs or paving stones, flowerbeds planted with gravel or stone pebbles are a great way to limit the growth of weeds and give the whole thing a modern, elegant look.

A stone can also play a decorative role - place a fountain, a stream or a small pond in the garden to add charm and enliven the space. Remember to also include a green accent in the composition, for example in the form of low shrubs or grass.

A wooden deckchair is a perfect piece of furniture that will create a cozy atmosphere and provide a comfortable place to relax in your stone garden.

Rustic garden

If your house has a rural, rural character, the garden in front of the entrance should emphasize this atmosphere. Choose natural materials such as wood, wicker or stone. Choose flowers and plants that will add an idyllic charm to your garden - roses, hydrangeas, herbs and even vegetables.

Place a wooden bench or garden deckchair in your garden to create a cozy place to relax. You can also choose decorations referring to the country style, such as old flower pots, garden tools or wooden fences.

Remember to keep the arrangement natural and casual - let your garden in front of your house exude rural idyllity and peace.

English style garden

If you want your garden in front of your house to resemble picturesque English gardens, choose lush vegetation and an effortless composition. Let flowers and shrubs grow freely, creating colorful flowerbeds full of diversity.

Choose flowers such as roses, peonies, dahlias or hydrangeas to give your garden a romantic character. Don't forget about green accents in the form of lawns, box trees or junipers. Paths can be paved with cubes or slabs, but avoid too regular, geometric shapes.

A wooden deckchair or hammock is the perfect complement to an English composition, creating cozy places to rest among lush vegetation.

Japanese garden

If you dream of creating an oasis of peace and harmony in the garden in front of your house, be inspired by traditional Japanese gardens. Choose minimalist forms, subdued colors and natural materials.

Line the paths with smooth pebbles or slabs, and plant low shrubs, ornamental grasses and mosses along them. Place a small pond or fountain in your garden to introduce the calming sound of water. Also remember about stones, lanterns and other Japanese accents that will emphasize the oriental character of your space.

A wooden deckchair or hammock are perfect places for meditation and relaxation in your Japanese garden.

Mediterranean Garden

If your house has a Mediterranean character, the garden in front of the entrance should refer to this aesthetic. Choose warm colors, abundance of vegetation and traditional architectural elements.

Choose flowers and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean region, such as lavender, olives, cypresses or pomegranates. Complete them with decorative elements such as stone fountains, pergolas or terracotta flower pots.

A wooden deckchair or a sako pouffe is the perfect furniture to enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of your garden. Add an umbrella to provide shade on hot days.

How to design a garden in front of your house - summary

Regardless of what garden style you choose, remember to match it to the character of your house and the surrounding landscape. Let your garden in front of the entrance be coherent and harmonious, and at the same time reflect your personal preferences and lifestyle. Use a wooden deckchair, hammock or comfortable bean bag to create the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of your green oasis. We hope that thanks to our post you now know how to design a garden in front of your house .



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