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How to make a chain for a Christmas tree from tissue paper? Step by step

Jak zrobić łańcuch na choinkę z bibuły? Krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you know that…

Chains during the partitions symbolized the captivity and martyrdom of the Polish nation. Fortunately, this is not the only meaning of the Christmas chain. Its symbolism goes far into the past. First of all, it is a sign of family unity. It allowed for the unity and indissolubility of bonds between relatives and household members to be maintained.

Christmas tree chain made of tissue paper - step by step guide

łańcuch świąteczny Christmas tree chains made of tissue paper or paper are an easy and mostly mess-free art project. Where to start? We present a short guide

1. Choose your paper.

Depending on how you want your Christmas tree chain to look, you should consider the material you want to make it from. Colored tissue paper or paper is perfect. Avoid using thick sheets of paper, they will not bend easily. Consider choosing colored paper that will match the theme of the upcoming holiday. In the case of a Christmas tree chain, it is worth choosing red or green. You can buy paper or tissue paper in the appropriate color, or color it yourself. For Christmas, you can also try using decorated wrapping paper.

2. Time to cut

Use a ruler to mark equal stripes on a piece of paper or a piece of tissue paper, and then cut them out with scissors. Each strip of paper forms one part of the Christmas tree chain. It is very important that each strip has the same dimensions.

3. Creating a Christmas tree chain.

Take the first strip and glue its ends with glue to create a ring. You can use tape for this or sew the ends together with a stapler. Tape or staples will speed up the process because they don't need to dry. However, when you decide to use glue, keep both ends together until the glue dries. Make sure the edges of the strip are even. Once your first ring is connected, place another strip of paper through the center. Then connect the ends of the second strip. Continue adding strips in the same way until the Christmas tree chain is long enough. Optionally, you can also loop the Christmas tree chain. In this case, try to make your Christmas tree chain have an odd number of rings.

łańcuch choinkowy 4. Hang your Christmas tree chain.

Hang the Christmas tree chain on the tree or decorate the walls with it. If you have made two different chains, you can cross them together. Create a wreath from your Christmas tree chain. Just loop your Christmas chain, decorate it and you're done! You can hang it on your door, wall or fence.


Use patterned or shiny paper for Christmas decorations! They will reflect light from the Christmas tree lights, creating a unique atmosphere.

How to store a Christmas tree chain?

A Christmas tree chain made of paper or tissue paper is susceptible to bending. So how can you store it so that it survives many winters? You will need a simple stick and a container with a lid. Make sure your container has holes on both sides of it and that your stick is the right length. Thread the chain rings gently onto the stick. Then place the stick into the holes of the container or box. You can also insert the Christmas tree chain into the box without threading it onto the stick. However, this will not work for long chains.

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