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How to make bows for a Christmas tree? Step by step guide

Jak zrobić kokardki na choinkę? Poradnik krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

kokardy na choinkę Did you know that... Bows in the world have many meanings. In folklore, animals were decorated with a red bow to "not cast a spell on them", which was supposed to protect the animal from being charmed, causing illness or even death.

The Christmas tree bow also has its own story. As in the case of animals, it was supposed to protect the Christmas tree from evil charms, so that it would retain its beautiful appearance and bring happiness to the household. The Christmas bow initially appeared as a Christmas tree decoration, but over time it was used to decorate wreaths, candles and even tablecloths. Then it began to be used as a Christmas ribbon decoration to decorate gifts. Over time, a bow on the Christmas tree became an indispensable element of the holidays.

Christmas tree bow - do it yourself!

Red bows on the Christmas tree are associated with the Christmas "Star of Bethlehem", this plant, also known as Euphorbia due to the arrangement of its petals, resembles a red ribbon tied in the shape of a Christmas bow . So how to make the perfect bow for the Christmas tree ? To make the bow you will need: Colored ribbons, scissors and wire.

  • Step 1. Fold the ribbon in two places
  • Step 2. Grab the ribbon with both hands at these two places
  • Step 3. Tie these two places together, then press them together by pulling the eyelets.

Learn other methods of tying a bow presented in this video.

Christmas tree bows are also suitable for decorating Christmas decorations. Use red ribbon to decorate a gift bag, gift box or centerpiece.

Where to buy Christmas tree bows? We give you a hint.

kokarda świąteczna The Internet is full of offers of Christmas bows made of various materials. It is worth considering which ones to choose that will survive the next holidays. Additionally, it is worth considering the color and size so that they fit perfectly into the aesthetics of the Christmas tree. Velor is a beautiful material often used to create Christmas bows , and it is also stiff, which means that it does not crease. Satin makes the bows Christmas trees have a pearly shine, which becomes even more visible when accompanied by the warm light of Christmas tree lights.

Jute Christmas bows are perfect for the rustic aesthetic of a Christmas tree. Natural brown suits the green of the Christmas tree branches. White chiffon bows for the Christmas tree are an elegant accessory often used to decorate the exterior of houses. Due to the material they are made of, you can safely expose them to external conditions. It is worth purchasing Christmas tree bows before Christmas because of the greater selection and availability.

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